The Fairbury Flag Lady, NebraskaI have many passions in life. One of those is to be a voice for the American Flag. To ensure that each and every United States flag flown in this world is made here on U.S. soil – every, single piece of it. Every citizen in this country should be able to go to a local store and purchase an American-made U.S. flag or know where to go on-line to ensure they are getting 100% American-made flags. ‘Assembled here’ is not the same as ‘made here’.

As an independent distributor of Valley Forge Flags, I offer 100% American-made U.S. flags in many sizes and material types, military flags, state flags, custom flags and all of the hardware you need to fly them high and proud. Have questions? Call me, 785-406-0976, if I can’t answer your question, I will find the answer for you.

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