American Flags should only be American-Made

Fairbury Flag Lady, Fairbury Nebraska

According to the International Trade Statistics, Code 6307909825 2016 census, there were $4.4 million of American flags imported into this county last year. Of this $4.4 million, $4.3 million was from China. This statement alone makes me want to stand up and scream! How is this possible? Why is it even legal to import an American Flag?

I do not understand why, on God’s green earth, any United States citizen would purchase a U.S. flag that was produced anywhere else in the world. There are companies right here on American soil that produce beautiful and strong U.S. flags each and every day. They’ve been doing it for decades. Cost? Well of course the foreign ones are cheap. Their labor is cheap and their material is cheap and it shows. Are you really saving money when you have to replace your cheap flag three times a year?

America needs to wake up! Pay attention to what you buy. Pay attention to where it’s made. I’m not against importing of goods into this country – except when it comes to our flag. Show some pride in your country! Stand up for American made!