Why I Am Passionate About the American Flag

The Fairbury Flag Lady, Fairbury Nebraska

I get asked quite often, ‘why are you so passionate about selling the American Flag?’ My response generally starts with ‘I am passionate about selling American-made American Flags. Who wouldn’t be? ‘

The American flag represents us. ALL of us who are United States citizens. No matter where you live, inside our boundaries or abroad, when you see that flag, it takes you home. It reminds you of where you’re from and those you love. It should also remind you of all of those brave souls who gave their lives defending it so each and every one of us has the freedom we take for granted.

The Fairbury Flag Lady, Fairbury NebraskaI have met, and know that I have many more to meet, the true heroes of this country – our Veterans. Each person has their own story of their time in the military and life after they retired for whatever reason. And yet, almost every one I have met so far, is involved in at least one organization whose soul mission is to help other Veterans. Many start their own cause to raise money or awareness to Veterans needs, putting as much effort into that cause every single day as they do anything they have ever done before. Their love for each other and for this country makes me want to do everything I possibly can to help them.

The Fairbury Flag Lady, Fairbury NebraskaWhen a Veteran is handed an American Flag, large or small, one of the first things they do is look at the tag. If it doesn’t say ‘Made in the USA’, you will get it back. And rightly so. Every other citizen in this country should follow suit. It’s really that simple. Look at the tag. Make sure it’s made here. If it’s not, move on. Why would anyone purchase an American flag made in another country? Purchasing those flags ‘because they’re cheaper’ is still supporting that foreign economy. You are building jobs in foreign nations. Haven’t they taken enough of our jobs already? Isn’t it time we took them back? So let’s start with the most recognizable symbol of this great country – the flag of the United States of America. One by one, make the choice, make the difference. Support our country, our citizens, our economy and most importantly, our Veterans. Show some respect and be proud of this country.

I want to build jobs in our community. I want to make a stand against foreign made products that can be made here – especially the U.S. flag. I want our national symbol to have a voice. And I know, that one voice will turn into many and then maybe people will feel some of the passion that I feel when I start talking about why I love selling the American Flag.