What Type of Flag is Best for You?

Fairbury Flag Lady, Fairbury Nebraska

One thing I hear a lot from people is “I like flying a flag, but they just don’t last very long”.  My response is usually a series of questions: “Where do you live? Do you fly it 24/7? What type of material is the one you have now made from? And most importantly, “Is it made in the USA?”


Where do you live? If you live in a windy area (which, I believe, is our entire country) then you need to make sure you have a flag made from heavier material that will withstand the elements. If you’re not sure of the different types available, please feel free to ask! Look at samples, feel the material, check out the stitching. All of these elements factor into how long your flag will hold up.


Do you fly your flag 24/7? If you have a flag that you only put out on holidays then nylon is fine. They are lightweight and colorful and with proper care, will last a long time. If your flag is out 24/7/365 then you need to spend a little more money and get a higher quality flag. It is, after all, material –  and harsh weather will deteriorate material at some point over time. How much time will depend on the type of material and how well it’s made.


What type of material is your flag made from? The most common type of flag sold is made from nylon. There are several grades of nylon – some hold up really well, others not so much. There are flags made from cotton, polyester and some very specialized types of material blends. Ask questions, look at reviews and then decide which is best for you.


Is it made in the USA? To me, this is a no-brainer. No one else on earth will put more craftsmanship and care into the production of the American flag than the American worker. Plain and simple. Foreign companies only want your money. They don’t care about quality. They don’t care about craftsmanship. American flag makers want you to have the greatest symbol of our nation to fly high and proud in front of your home and business.  Those American-made flags represent us all and they make sure that they produce top-notch flags with each and every stitch!


Show your pride America – Fly Your Freedom!